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The Waterhouse Complete Solution ensures your process is compliant and achieves clean water
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Tailored clean water solutions

The Complete Solution is a comprehensive turnkey chemical and equipment system based upon your needs

We guarantee our system will meet your specific treatment requirements to decontaminate your water

Working With Us

We know each industrial process is different and requires a specific solution.  We work closely with your team to tailor our systems to your process

Consultation to identify the problem and goals
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Continuous inclined Separation System (CSS)


Custom Design
Specific for each application
Proven Processes
Ensuring guaranteed results

Multiple systems in parallel

1 m3/h to 150 m3/h

The Continuous inclined Separation System (CSS) is a fully customizable and modular treatment system that can fit into any process.  Each system optimally removes target contaminants such as suspended solids, heavy metals, oils, nitrogen and phosphorus components.  These complete systems can include settling, flocculation, gravity belt thickening, centrifuges and more.

Advanced System Controller


Intuitive Custom Controls
Reporting and Tracking Key Metrics
Online Quality Assurance Monitoring
Remote Online Technical Support

The Advanced System Controller streamlines the daily routines for operating the CSS.   Reporting and tracking for key operating parameters are centralized in an intuitively designed layout and can be monitored and adjusted remotely.  Remote online support is available which shortens troubleshooting response times.


NANOX3 is 100% chemical free.  The nanobubble technology breaks down contaminants at high efficiency and significantly reduces the sludge produced.  The modular component can be added to the CSS to dissolve organics such as phenols, PAH, etc.

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COD is reduced by up to
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BOD is reduced by up to
Filtration Membranes

The addition of filtration membranes treats water for reuse and recovery.   Other applications include post-polishing wastewater for aquaculture or saltwater processes.