Waterhouse Environmental Services Corporation Partners with Norlex Group 
Will Bring Leading CSS Technology for Effluent Treatment to North America

Vancouver, B.C., Canada – December 5, 2019

Waterhouse (www.waterhousechemicals.com) of Vancouver, Canada is proud to announce a new international technology partnership with Norlex of Denmark (www.norlex.com) to bring their innovative turnkey industrial effluent treatment technology into North America.  

The strategic partnership will expand the availability of the Norlex Continuous inclined Separation System (CSS) technology from the European markets into North America. The CSS system is a modular and cost-effective technology and has been successfully applied in European industries such as aquaculture and laundries for the removal of heavy metals, total suspended solids (TSS), turbidity, and oils.  For more information on the technology, visit www.waterhouse-systems.com.

“We are excited with the opportunity to work with our Norlex partners in order to bring a leading international technology into the industrial wastewater market in North America.” said Charles Johnson, President of Waterhouse Environmental Systems Inc. “The technology is proven in Europe. It is simple to operate, economical and modular, enabling the systems to be built for current needs with the flexibility to scale up for future requirements. When this is paired with our chemical solution expertise, we are able to provide the customer with a complete effluent solution that is chemically and mechanically optimized.”

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About Waterhouse Environmental Services

Waterhouse has been in operation for over 20 years, providing technical support for water and wastewater treatment processes in a variety of industries. Waterhouse works directly with customers to understand their plant process and operational concerns and helps implement process changes and chemical additions to solve their unique treatment challenges.  Waterhouse is experienced in pre-design consultation, commissioning, and on-site testing to full scale trials, and the training necessary to ensure operators can confidently run their plant.

About Norlex Group

Norlex Group, which includes Norlex Chemicals, Norlex Systems, and Alumichem, is a market leader in the Nordic countries for chemicals, CSS technology, and water treatment solutions. Norlex Systems has provided several advanced and effective solutions in sludge treatment for laundries and aquaculture.  The turnkey solutions combine conventional and innovative technologies to meet current and future regulations and requirements.  To learn more about Norlex Group, visit www.norlex.com.